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Our Products

Introduction of Product

Our complete nutritional and soluble bio-fertilizers are a developed result of high-tech application that fulfilled requirement of high quality agriculture and sustainable agriculture. Our Bio-IonicHealPlus, Bio-IonicGrowPlus, Bio-IonicPowerPlus and Bio-IonicVitalPlus technologies are various patented potent fertilizer formulation that brings together natural healing and energizing power of multi-nutrients with a specially formulated ingredient to restoring and growing different type of crops. Thus, we pay attention on fertilization techniques with integrated application of high technology and application of less amount inputs of chemical material.We mainly utilize modern biotechnology for culturing effective microbial population as a composite core; as well as we use non-polluted high quality deep-sea algae extract, fermented substrates of beneficial microbes and selected high purity raw materials for processing and producing our bio-fertilizers.

Our Bio-IonicHealPlus, Bio-IonicGrowPlus, Bio-IonicPowerPlus and Bio-IonicVitalPlus are the latest patented potent fertilizer formulation technologies in agricultural industry. By applying symbiotic culture technique with advanced technology and extensive knowledge, our Research and Development team makes use of a variety of purebred strains or colony of bacteria with fermentation process to produce high-tech biological fertilizers. Comparing with other general bio-fertilizer, our products have a more complex structure with competitive advantage of stable performance and fully functional that showing an unprecedented high level of technology. Our Research and Development team also uses a unique process to carefully filter out beneficial aerobic microbes and anaerobic microbes then to mix culturing both microorganisms that form out a powerful and effective product.

Each composite effective microbial exerts full functional effects and plays important role like a strong army team for conducting operations. The main function of complex effective microbial is to create a healthy ecosystem. With appropriate application of the effective microbes with combination of other healthy microbes will help resulting in antioxidants, removing oxidizing materials, eliminating putridness, inhibiting pathogens and formatting a good environment for the growth of plants. Meanwhile, the composite effective microbes produce large amounts of beneficial substances for crops to easily utilize. Those beneficial substances such as amino acids, organic acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, various enzymes, growth factors, antibiotics, antiviral substances, etc. improve immune function and healthy growth of plants. Thus, it helps reducing labor and costs, increasing productivity and improving quality. Also, end users have the opportunity to consume green and high-quality agricultural products.


  • Warisan2020
  • Topland 盛绿佳农

Ingredients of Product

  • Composite effective microorganisms
  • High quality soluble and concentrated nutrients
  • Non-polluted high quality deep-sea algae extracts
  • Fermentation extracts of beneficial microorganisms

Features of Product

  • A high-technology soluble and compound bio-fertilizer with completed nutrients.
  • “3 in 1 Essence” – composite beneficial microbes, organic extracts and water-soluble. “3 in 1 Effectiveness” – long duration, fast result and expansion effect.
  • Completed nutrients help providing balanced nutrition to plants. With large amount of immune factors and growth factors in our bio-fertilizer helps improving growth of the plants.
  • High utilization rate of fertilizer and extensive period of fertilization result.
  • Little amount usage of our bio-fertilizer that reduces damages and excessive application of fertilizer; significantly reduces costs of transportation and storage.
  • High economic efficiency due to reduction costs of fertilizer and pesticide yetyield is increased by 20% – 40%with quality improvement. It helps the end production can be applied as green and eco-friendly category.
  • Excellent result for ecology as helps repairing the soil, improving the ecological environment of agriculture, progressing the decomposition toxic and hazardous substances of soil, and reducing pollution.
  • Our bio-fertilizer can be dissolved rapidly and is 99.5% of water-soluble base with no impurities.

Functions of Product

Soil improvement and Capability of fertility

  • Enhance soil fertility, improve aggregate structure of soil, make loose of soil and resolve compaction and contaminated of soil.
  • Recover physical and chemical properties of soil, improve capability of retaining water and nutrients, and enhance capacity of soil buffering.
  • Beneficial microbes help decomposition of releasing soil nutrients that enhancing stable fertility of soil.
  • Beneficial microbes have biological purification and repairing capabilities to reduce residues of toxic and hazardous substances of soil and agricultural outcomes.

Increase quality and crops’ yield

  • Enhance photosynthetic capacity of crops and improve nutritional absorption of crops.
  • Provide complete nutrients and improve crops’ quality on their appearance, taste and yield.
  • Roots of crops and sprout of leaves are grown stronger and more. The leaves are raised greener and thicker.
  • Help to prevent fruit drop.Fruits are plump and bright color with long shelf life.
  • Stimulate distinctive bright colors of flowers and also extend flowering period.

Provide capability of disease resistance and resilience

  • Ability of adjusting the stimulation growth and development of crops, and the ability of prevention pests, diseases and lodging. Also our products enhance resilience of crops.
  • Improve micro-ecological environment of soil, and create dominance of beneficial microbes to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in soil.

Less amount usage of fertilizer and high economic efficiency

  • Save up amount of fertilizer to several times that reduce dependence on pesticides and toxic chemical products.
  • High economic efficiency helps increasing income of farmers.
  • Lightweight and easy-carried packing helps reducing costs of transportation and storage.
  • Eco-friendly biological products that are fulfilled the concept of sustainable agriculture.

Variety of application methods

  • Application methods can befoliar, broadcasting, dripping, etc.

Soluble base with high technology and can be dissolved rapidly

  • 99.5% of water-soluble.